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Beasiswa Jepang untuk pelajar Indonesia (3)

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Scholarship Program for Postgraduate Study in Japan
The Hitachi Scholarship provides an excellent opportunity for Southeast Asian universities to send faculty members, who wish to continue teaching and research at their universities after graduation, to Japan as part of their human development programs. Recipients of this award are invited to attend Japanese public and private graduate schools that have close relationships with Southeast Asian universities. The Scholarship provides financial support and personal assistance and consultation.
Eligibility for the program is limited to faculty members up to the age of 30 for masters degree candidates or 35 for Ph. D. degree cabdidates in the fields of scince and technology and each applicant must be recommended by a senior staff at their home university as a potential cabdidate for international reasearch collaboration after graduation. Each grantee receives full financial support to study Japanese for six months after arrival. The Foundation funds tour programs every year to visit various location in the fields of industry, science technology, research, culture, history, society and nature so that the grantees’ experience and understanding during their stay in Japan will not be limited to one campus.

Term of assistance
Masters degree candidates:
2-1/2 years
LPh.D. degree candidates:
3-1/2 years

Scholarship and other financial support
Economy class roundtrip airfare
¥180,000 per month
Japanese language course:
At cost for 6months
Expenses for field trips in Japan:
¥50,000 per year upon request from host professor
Expenses for Int’l conferences:
At cost upon request from host professor
Arrival and return allowance:
¥50,000 each
Tuition and other school expenses:
At cost
Housing allowance: (maxmum per month)
Greater Metropolitan Tokyo:
¥60,000 (Single)
¥90,000 (With family)
Other areas:
¥40,000 (Single)
¥55,000 (With family)

• Be faculty members of one of the 15 eligible universities in 6 nations.
• Have been nominated by their university’s presidential office, with the approval and recommendation of the faculty and the department.
• Have received a specific and confirmed invitation from a professor at a Japanese university, who will act as the host professor to collaborate with and/or advise the applicant until graduation or the completion of the program.
Application and Screening
1. Applicants to all programs must be faculty members at one of the eligible universities.
2. English will be the common language used in most of the international conferences. Therefore,we strongly suggest that applicants have a good knowledge of English as a communication tool. A TOEFL score of 530 or above is preferred.
3. The Foundation shall mail application forms every year in June to the presidential office of each university.
4. Each applicant shall submit the application to his/her university’s presidential office with all requested information. The Foundation will accept applications and nomination letters from the presidential offices until the end of November. No direct application from individual will be accepted.
5. The application form should be supplemented with a recommendation letter from the Head of Department and/or the Dean of Faculty, along with a confirmed certificate of acceptance from a Japanese host professor (Scholarship) or advisory professor/research counterpart (Research/Komai Fellowship).
6. The selection committee of the Foundation initially screens applications received and identifies candidates to interview.
7. Interviews with candidates shall be carried out individually, usually at candidates’ home universities, during the period from January to April.
8. One of the most important points for evaluation is why the university has nominated the candidate and what kind of scenario the department or faculty has for the candidate in terms of academic collaboration after graduation. If the applicant’s department or faculty has been implementing specific cooperation/collaboration with the laboratory of the proposed host professor in Japan, this will receive positive consideration in the screening of the candidate.
9. Following the interview, the Foundation may contact both senior advisors at the home university and the proposed host professor in Japan for further verification.
10. Notification of final decisions will be made to the presidential offices, and award notices will be sent to each successful candidate in June.
Eligible Universities
• University of Indonesia
• Bandung Institute of Technology
• Gadjah Mada University
• Surabaya Institute of Technology
• The National University of Singapore
• University of Malaya
• University of Technology Malaysia
• Chulalongkorn University
• Chiang Mai University
• Khon Kaen University
• King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
• King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi
The Philippines
• University of the Philippines
• Hanoi University of Technology
• Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan klik http://www.hitachi-zaidan.org/global/scholarship/activities/active01.html


Anyone who supports the objectives of the foundation to build his/her own country and to
promote international friendship, is outstanding in personality and ability, in sound health and is
deemed to be in need of financial assistance for educational expenses, and who meets the following qualifications:
(1)Be a citizen of Indonesia
(2)Be a resident of Indonesia on April 1, 2010
(3)Be born after April 2, 1986
(4)Academic Qualifications: Must have graduated from a university designated by our
foundation prior to March 31, 2011 and be able to obtain a letter of recommendation from
his/her supervising professor.
The applicants also required to have completed a total of 16 years of education at
recognized educational facilities.

(5)Major: The field of study selected by the applicant must be the same as his/her major at the
undergraduate level. (Preferably, the applicant should have selected the university of
his/her choice and the supervising professor under whom he/her wishes to pursue
graduate studies.)
The applicant’s proposed research theme should be suitable for study at the graduate level
in a Japanese university.
(6)Language ability: Must be able to understand graduate level lectures taught in Japanese
or English. Selected applicants who have not yet learned Japanese are required to attend a Japanese language course at a language school for 6 months (approximately 500 hours)prior to coming to Japan.
Furthermore, the selected applicant shall be required
(7) Dwelling: Must principally be willing to live in the ANA dormitory.
Note: The foundation thinks it desirable for the students to live in the ANA dormitory
Not only for the purpose of saving living expenses but also for the purpose of
associating daily with young Japanese people living in the same facility.
(8) Others: The foundation deems it most suitable that the selected applicant come to Japan
alone(without his/her family)to study under our program.
(ⅰ)The student must live alone(without his/her family)for the first year in Japan.
(ⅱ)After one year it is possible for the selected student to live with his/her family if
he/she wished to do so, but the foundation cannot give any assistance for his/her
Note: It is generally very hard for students from abroad to live and study in Japan
With his/her family, as the student will meet many difficulties such as the high cost of living, housing problems and language difficulty.


Beasiswa Hasiya PDF Print E-mail

1. Nama Beasiswa


2. Besar Beasiswa dan lama periode Beasiswa

Sampai lulus degree saat apply
(mis apply saat M1 atau M2, tetap cuma sampai lulus S2)

3. Cara Pendaftaran dan Tahapan Seleksi

Pendaftaran melalui International Affair kampus
Seleksi hanya seleksi berkas
4. Tips-tips

Tidak ada tips khusus
Karena hanya ada seleksi berkas (tidak ada wawancara), berkas-berkasnya harus bagus, termasuk nilai
Beasiswa ini khusus untuk orang Indonesia, tapi kadang-kadang formulirnya tidak disediakan di kampus. Untuk kasus seperti ini, bisa minta International Affair untuk menelepon ke Hasiya untuk meminta formulir.

Narasumber : MY(Atas permintaan nara sumber untuk tidak ditampilkan)


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